The social responsibility of Mabdai Nur

Labor protection and motivation

The priority task of Mabdai Nur Company is to ensure safe working conditions and preserve the health of employees in the process of labor activity. Our Company responsibly applies the whole complex of measures provided by the current legislation of the Republic of Tajikistan, including legal, socio-economic, sanitary-hygienic, treatment-prophylactic, rehabilitation and other measures.

In the sphere of labor relations in the social package, the Company offer to employees:

  • free provision of high-quality, special clothing and other personal protective equipment;
  • free provision of milk and double time hot meals according to the current regulations;
  • providing job positions with clean drinking water;
  • provision at the employer's expense of mandatory preliminary (upon admission to employment), medical examinations,
  • organization of briefings and professional retraining;

Effective staff management to maximize the return on investment in personnel is:

  • motivation of each employee to achieve the Company's goals;
  • objectively assess the role of the employee in achieving results;
  • individual and fair remuneration and encouragement of employees for honest and fruitful work;
  • creation of an effective system of general remuneration;

Contact Information

  • 735610, Oli somon 1, Istaravshan, Sogd region, Republic of Tajikistan.
  • +992 93 784 0077

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