Strategy and goals

The company "Mabdai Nur" is the representative of the manufacturer and the conductor of the strategy, the main task of which is to bring a quality product from the manufacturer to the end user.

The priority of the company is to satisfy and form the needs of Tajik car owners in high-quality brands of gasoline, diesel fuel and liquefied gas, from leading manufacturers, and provide comfortable cooperation conditions for partners and customers of the company.

We build our relations with our partners on the ethics of mutual understanding and trust.

The purpose of "Mabdai Nur" company:

 - effective management of the company's activities using best practices, quality systems, modern technologies and security systems;

- to be a leader in the field of selling fuels and lubricants and liquefied gas in the Republic of Tajikistan, striving to outrun competitors, to ensure a high standard of working with trading partners and customers;

- ensuring high financial stability in the context of fluctuating oil prices and exchange rates through strict financial discipline, a conservative approach to planning and effective risk management;

Contact Information

  • 735610, Oli somon 1, Istaravshan, Sogd region, Republic of Tajikistan.
  • +992 93 784 0077

Wholesale deliveries of fuels and lubricants from leading oil refiners and a network of modern filling station.

Information for customers

You can send an application for purchase of fuels and lubricants directly from the website. Click the "Online Application" link and fill out the form. Our managers will contact you in the shortest time.

We are waiting for your applications!