Wholesale of fuels and lubricants.

The company "Mabdai Nur" sells high-quality combustive-lubricating materials from the leading oil refining and gas processing enterprises that meet international GOST standards and modern requirements of environmental standards.

In order to maximize the effectiveness of trade operations, "Mabdai Nur" company builds long-term relations with partners and sells fuel in batches, by self-transportation from the oil base, or carries out logistics to the customer's destination address by own specialized vehicles by the territory of the Republic of Tajikistan.

The company's oil storage facility is located in the Spitamen district of the Republic of Tajikistan, directly next to the railway station and wagons with goods are delivered directly to the base, which allows reducing logistics costs when importing goods.

A large fleet of specialized vehicles.

The company "Mabdai Nur" owns a large fleet of modern specialized vehicles with different volumes, which allows it to build an efficient logistics chain of delivering oil products commissioned by partners.

The company "Mabdai Nur" is well placed to supply petroleum products with small batches, with an individual scheme of cooperation with each client.

Sale of oil products in the company "Mabdai Nur" is held under the slogan "Decency and quality" and is based on flexible pricing policy and attentive attitude to each client without exception.

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  • 735610, Oli somon 1, Istaravshan, Sogd region, Republic of Tajikistan.
  • +992 93 784 0077

Wholesale deliveries of fuels and lubricants from leading oil refiners and a network of modern filling station.

Information for customers

You can send an application for purchase of fuels and lubricants directly from the website. Click the "Online Application" link and fill out the form. Our managers will contact you in the shortest time.

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