Filling Station Network "NurOil"

The fuel of the company "Mabdai Nur" is sells today through a network of modern refueling complexes under the brand "NurOil".

Our filling stations are equipped with modern fuel-distributing columns, which allows you to quickly and efficiently serve several cars at the same time.

At each filling station there is a trained refueler, who saves your time.

High quality of fuel in "NurOil" filling station network are confirmed with certificates of quality and correspond to the international state standard specifications.

Fuel in our filling stations:

  • Gasoline AI-95 GOST R 51105-97;
  • Gasoline AI-Euro-92 GOST R 51866-2002;
  • Gasoline AI-92 GOST R 51105-97;
  • Gasoline AI-80 GOST R 51105-97;
  • Diesel fuel -0,05-62 GOST 305-82;
  • Diesel fuel with improved low-temperature properties, Class 2 in terms of temperature limit З-0,05 minus 35 GOST 305-82.
  • Liquefied gas-GOST R 52087-2003


NurOil - always quick filling and high level of service

Contact Information

  • 735610, Oli somon 1, Istaravshan, Sogd region, Republic of Tajikistan.
  • +992 93 784 0077

Wholesale deliveries of fuels and lubricants from leading oil refiners and a network of modern filling station.

Information for customers

You can send an application for purchase of fuels and lubricants directly from the website. Click the "Online Application" link and fill out the form. Our managers will contact you in the shortest time.

We are waiting for your applications!